• Circle (completed) A serial killer is obsessed with seeing the human soul through his murders.
  • Don Peyote (completed) This psychedelic comedy is about the transformation of Warren Allman, a neurotic Woody Allen-esque everyman who becomes obsessed with 2012, all of its surrounding conspiracy theories, and the end of the world. 
  • Hysterical Psycho (completed) When a New York theater troupe travels to the snowy woods to “find themselves,” one by one each member begins to get killed. But who is the killer among them? 
  • The Trust (in development) Three brothers rob a haunted bank only to realize they’ve been set up by their inside man-and he’s been dead for 30 years.
  • Gone Wild (in development) Four thirty-something buddies fail miserably when they attempt to return to Spring Break and blend in. 

  • Aurora (in development) In 2058,  after finding a new source of energy for a dying Earth, there is a mutiny aboard the AURORA ONE when a futuristic virus seizes the ship’s mainframe and crew members begin to vanish. 100 million miles away, will the survivors make it home?  SHOULD they?
  • Pocket Kings (in development) A cross-town rivalry between two guys from the poor side of the tracks and two guys from the wealthy side.
  • El Rey’s Garage (Reality TV Show) Brother JD takes us on a ride across America searching for and then re-building custom, hoodrat cars and motorcycles.