Ben Mendelsohn and Jamie Dornan Become ‘Untogether’

In today’s casting round-up, THR reports that Jamie Dornan, Ben Mendelsohn, and sisters Jemima and Lola Kirke will be teaming together for the indie drama Untogether, the directorial debut of best-selling author Emma Forrest. The film concerns Jemima Kirke’s former-teen-prodigy-turned-junkie Andrea, who has an affair with Nick (Dornan) while she’s clean and trying to be a writer. Nick is already a successful writer, regaling the world with stories of his war-time experiences. Lola Kirke plays Jemima’s younger sister, whose relationship with the older Mendelsohn is tested when she falls for a Rabbi with an even larger age gap than her and Mendelsohn. Forrest will pen the script as well, which is being produced by Luke Daniels, Scott Lastaiti, and Brandon K. Hogan.

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